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Holiday Villas for Large Groups to Rent

Why you should consider renting a villa for large groups

All the large group villas we have selected are suitable for large families and friends who want to experience an unforgettable group holiday.
A villa for large groups is the ideal choice for those who want to share time and space with the people they care about most. You can have breakfast together around a spacious dining table, organise a midnight dip in the pool, enjoy a great aperitif while admiring breath-taking views and build lasting memories for you and your loved ones.
Whether it is a holiday by the sea, in the countryside, in Le Marche or in Sicily, our villas with pool for large groups all have one thing in common: freedom and carefreeness.
You can plan your days at your own pace. You can enjoy the solarium area of your infinity pool, arrange trips to the most beautiful Italian villages or relax in the garden of your private villa.
Staying in our properties guarantees a group holiday of privacy, relaxation and fun.

Holiday villas for large groups: how to choose the right one for you

Do you dream of gathering family and friends under one roof for a group holiday but you don’t know where to find a roof big enough to accommodate you all?
We at Anita Villas are here to help you find a rental property that will accommodate all those special people for you.
Our rental villas for large groups are located all over Italy and can accommodate up to 24 people.
At Anita Villas we have been helping you realise your dream holiday for more than 10 years, supporting you in finding the best villa for large groups for your family and friends. Our villas for large groups can accommodate up to 24 people and are located all over Italy.
Find the best accommodation for your needs, whether it is a family holiday, a holiday with children, a beach holiday or a holiday in the countryside. Browse our listings, look at the photos and check out the floor plans. You can compare the best villas with pool by browsing our site or if you prefer you can write us an email, we will be happy to help you choose the perfect villa rental for your large group!
We will take care of suggesting the best rental properties for your needs. All you need to do is choose the villa you like best.

Large group villas in Italy: our best ones for you

We have selected the best villas for large groups that will give you an unforgettable experience.
Our villas for large groups meet all tastes. Ancient country houses nestled in the countryside, luxurious and ultra-modern villas. All of them have one thing that makes them unique: Italy.
Breath-taking landscapes, tasty food and the best wines in the world will give you unforgettable memories during your dream holiday.
You will be able to hold your own family gathering and enjoy a few days together with all the people you love, just as you used to do in the past.

Large villas for group holidays with family and friends

We all love group holidays, but they require great planning, especially when it comes to choosing accommodation. For many families, the summer months are the only time when they can get together.
That is why it is so important to plan holidays in advance to consider everyone’s needs.
Often the biggest hurdle in planning is finding a villa or holiday home for large groups that is large enough to accommodate all family members.
This is why we at Anita Villas have thought of helping you in finding a villa with pool in Italy for large groups. On this webpage, you will find our selection of the best villas for groups, so you can search for the best holiday villa for your group.

The best large villas to rent for a group holiday with children

Going on a group holiday with children is a great choice. Renting a large villa with a pool together with friends will be great for everyone. Children can play together and have fun, while adults can enjoy a few hours of relaxation and carefreeness.
A villa rental offers the comforts of staying at home for your children, such as a kitchen where you can prepare your children’s favourite foods; bedrooms so they can take their naps at the time they are used to.
In addition, you can indulge yourself in the pool at your disposal, the relaxation area and the incredible views.
Sun, fun, relaxation and a pool at your disposal are the factors that make a holiday unforgettable.
When the holiday is filled with many children, choosing the right location to let them free to play, shout and have fun is crucial.
And let’s face it, this is the perfect opportunity for us adults to become children again and play carefree.
So that you can have a great time on holiday with the kids, we have selected the best villas for large groups for you. In fact, all our rental offers have a large garden, a private pool and the most important thing: a large family joined together to enjoy a beautiful holiday at the villa.

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