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Booking terms and conditions

Anita Villas - Real estate agency
The company Anita Villas di Boria Emanuele (hereinafter referred to as "Anita Villas") is a real estate agency based in Italy, located in Via V. Emanuele n.1 in Mondavio - 61040, Pesaro-Urbino; with VAT Reg No: IT02483900417 - REA n. PS – 185304.
Anita Villas acts as an intermediary between the client and the owner of the property. In particular it is expressly authorized from the owner of the property to rent out his property as a tourist accommodation.

Vacation Rental agreement
The voucher sent by Anita Villas to the customer represents the confirmation of the booking and constitutes the rental contract of the property.
The correspondence relating to the rental agreement will be sent to the e-mail address supplied by the client during the booking process.
The correspondence in writing, relating to requests, complains and cancellations, must be addressed: Anita Villas, Via V. Emanuele n.1, 61040 Mondavio, Pesaro-Urbino, Italy

Types of rental accommodation
There are 2 types of accommodations rented out by Anita Villas, both rented out for self-catering:
- Tourist facilities, in which additional hotel¬-type services such as midweek cleaning or linen changes can be provided;
- Private properties, that is private homes rented out for some periods of the year as holiday homes, where it is not possible to provide additional services.
In any case these accommodations reflect the local traditions and the owner's personal taste in architecture and in furnishings. In each accommodation page Anita Villas provides an accurate description of the property, supplied with photos and layout, which correspond to the state of the property at the time of the visit and acquisition.

Online booking procedure
Bookings are made on the website and by e-mail.
Once the reservation request has been received and the availability for the requested period of the property verified, Anita Villas will reserve the accommodation in favour of the customer by sending (via e-mail) an option, in which the following documents will be required:
- a copy of an identity document and the personal data of the customers;
- a copy of the deposit payment equal to 30% of the rental price. In the event of bookings made less than sixty (60) days from the beginning of the stay the full payment of the rental price is required. Unless otherwise agreed to be verified at the time of booking.
Once a booking option has been registered, it will be valid for a maximum of two (2) days. Then it will be automatically cancelled.
The confirmation of booking- VOUCHER, will be sent by e-mail upon receipt of the above-mentioned documentation. The customer must check the voucher carefully and immediately notify Anita Villas if there are any errors. Anita Villas is not liable for any damage suffered by the customer resulting from data errors in the voucher and communicated after 48 hours from its notification.

Rental documents
Rental documents of the booked accommodation, its location and contact details of the owner or the local representative will be sent to the customer together with the voucher.

Payments for reservations and any possible refund will be settled and accepted solely and exclusively with EURO currency. In any case, no additional costs related to banking transactions may be charged to Anita Villas. Any charge of such additional costs to Anita Villas will be considered an unjustified reduction of the agreed payments and, therefore, as incomplete payment of the agreed rental price.
Please note that any possible refund will be made by bank transfer in favour of the booking holder within the end of the year of the cancelled reservation. In the event that the payment of the reservation is made by credit card, in the event of a refund, an amount equal to 3% of the amount paid will be withheld for payment management costs.
Payments by credit card (PayRider system) and bank transfer are accepted.
The balance has to be paid within and no later than 60 days prior the first day of the rental. For reservations made less than 60 days prior to the first day of the rental, the full amount of the rental price is required.

Special requests
Any special requests related to the property’s facilities (such as, arrangement of bedrooms, etc.) have to be notified in writing by e-mail at least 30 days before the arrival date. Anita Villas will do everything possible to meet all customer requests but it will not be liable if these requests can not be implemented.

Changes to the reservation
Any changes to the reservation must be requested by e-mail and will be afterwards examined by the agency, which will do everything possible to meet them but will not be liable to accept them.
Changes to the reservation must be received at least 30 days prior to arrival and if accepted the customer will be subject to a fixed charge of 50 Euros (for each request) plus any additional expenses incurred by the agency, in agreement with the owner.

Transfer of a booking
Anita Villas recognises that in some circumstances (illness, etc.) it may be possible to transfer a booking to another person. In this case the customer must request the transfer in writing by e-mail supplying information about the changed circumstances and enclosing documentary proof of the reason for the change of the booking to another person.

How to cancel a booking
We require all requests for cancellation of a booking to be made by e-mail to the e-mail address or by registered post to: Via V. Emanuele n. 1 a Mondavio – 61040, Pesaro-Urbino Italy.
The booking will be cancelled on the day of arrival of the confirmation of cancellation sent by the customer.

Cancellation policy
For reservations confirmed starting from 01/12/2020, the following cancellation policy will apply:
- cancellation up to sixty (60) days before the arrival date: 100% refund of the rental price;
- cancellation from sixty (60) days before the arrival date to the arrival date: cancellation fee equal to 100% of the rental price (no refund);
- cancellation during the stay: cancellation fee equal to 100% of the rental price (no refund).

- Reservations confirmed through are non-refundable: in case of booking cancellation, a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the rental price will be charged (no refund).
- Cancellation due to force majeure COVID-19: in case of cancellation of the reservation due to proven travel impossibility due to government regulations restricting the freedom of movement on the national or international territory imposed to deal with the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency, Anita Villas will refund the amount paid for the reservation, without prejudice to the guest's duty to notify Anita Villas starting from 7 days before arrival, and in any case within the day before the booked stay, of the cancellation of the reservation with specific indication of the reasons mentioned above.

Please read the terms and conditions of refund in the "Payments" section.

For reservations confirmed before 01/12/2020, the following cancellation policy will apply, even if a reservation will be replaced by another reservation:
- cancellation up to sixty (60) days before the arrival date: cancellation fee equal to 30% of the rental price (no refund);
- cancellation from sixty (60) days before the arrival date to the arrival date: cancellation fee equal to 100% of the rental price (no refund);
- cancellation during the stay: cancellation fee equal to 100% of the rental price (no refund).

For vouchers issued following a replacement of the reservation due to the Covid-19 emergency, in the event of cancellation, the amounts paid are non-refundable.

How to re-book following a cancellation
If the customer wants to book a different property after the cancellation of a booking, the customer is still subject to the cancellation policy outlined above.

Cancellations made by the agency
We reserve the right to cancel your booking for exceptional reasons. For example, the rental may be cancelled when the time limits for payments outlined are not respected. Otherwise we may also be forced to cancel due to force majeure events that includes but is not limited to war, earthquake, fire, flood, volcanic eruption, terrorist activity, etc. In this case we will endeavour to offer an appropriate alternative accommodation. If the chosen alternative accommodation has lower standard, we will refund the customer with the difference in price. If the price of the new accommodation exceeds the amount paid by the customer, the difference of the higher price is required. If the customer accepts the replacement of the property, the customer does not have to ask and/or expect anything neither from Anita Villas nor from the owner of the property previously booked and then replaced.
If we are unable to offer you an accommodation in place of the one booked, the owner of the property will be required to refund you the full amount, but in no case Anita Villas will pay hotel bills or other kind of accommodation.

Rental price
The rental prices advertised in the website are given in Euro (€) and they are the weekly rental price. In addition, the following costs can be required upon arrival and paid directly to the owner:
- final cleaning;
- pet extra cleaning;
- Wi-Fi fee;
- air conditioning fee;
- heating;
- tourist tax;
- other service fees as stated in the voucher or agreed directly with the owner of the booked accommodation.

Customer responsibilities
Customers are responsible for the validity of their travel documents, such as passports, driving licenses or for flights/trains tickets etc. Anita Villas disclaims any liability resulting from the loss or misuse of the client's travel documents.
The number of guests able to stay at each accommodation is indicated in each accommodation page of the website and in the confirmation of booking (voucher). The customer must not exceed this number. If the customer exceeds the guest limit Anita Villas may cancel the booking without giving any refund.
The customer is liable of any loss or damage caused to an accommodation or its contents by the customer or any member of the party. The customer must immediately report any damage to the property owner and to the agency in writing and pay for any necessary repairs or replacements directly to the property owner.
The customer must inform the agency before booking an accommodation if anyone in the party has a disability or a medical condition. Anita Villas will advice about accommodations suitable to the specific needs of the person concerned, when available. If these relevant information about guests with disabilities or serious medical conditions are not notified at the time of booking, the agency will not be able to meet these needs and this will not justify a possible cancellation of the reservation.
The customer must not use any photograph or film taken at the accommodation for commercial use without the prior written authorisation of Anita Villas.

Rules of conduct
Guests are kindly requested to comply with the standards of conduct in force in the country of destination regarding good behaviour and to have great respect for the owner and the property in which they are staying. It is forbidden to move furniture around in the accommodation, to take furniture and furnishings outside the accommodation and/or to use them in a different way to which they should be used. In the event in which a guest does not respect the standards of good behaviour and this results in damage to the property or the furnishings therein or to the outdoor equipment regarding the garden and pool, the owner will have the right, at his sole discretion, to consider the lease terminated via verbal communication to the guest and copy in writing to the agency and ask for the immediate removal of the client from the property with the right to appeal also to the police.
Anita Villas refuses any liability in the case of disputes between the customer and owner. In the event of legal action the owner will provide the customer with information about the competent court.

Most of the customers is very satisfied with the service offered by Anita Villas, but if a customer should have problems during their holiday, this situation must be immediately notified to Anita Villas and the property owner so that the situation can be solved quickly and in the best way. In the event of problems and/or defects of the building or furniture, the customer must notify the owner and inform about that situation within 24 hours after receiving the keys.
The customer must inform the agency about full details of any complaint in writing within the end of the stay and we will respond within 30 days of receipt by e-mail or letter.
We will not be able to process complaints submitted after the departure of the customer from the booked accommodation.
Moreover, no refund will be provided to those customers sent away from the property upon owners' will, lacking any notice relative to extra persons or to the presence of not notified pets or in the absence of payment of the security deposit required at arrival.
No form of refund will be given to customers who abandon the property without prior written notice to Anita Villas.
Anita Villas does not acknowledge to be justified reasons for claim events not directly attributable to the agency and to owner of the property such as: weather conditions, local fauna, presence of insects.
Anita Villas does not acknowledge to be justified reasons for claim lack of electricity, gas or water when depending on external or force majeure events.
Anita Villas shall not be held responsible for possible inconveniences caused by maintenance works of public roads or drainage system or building renovations and similar in the vicinity of the rented properties.
Anita Villas and the owners shall not be held responsible for personal and/or valuable objects left unattended inside the property.
Anita Villas shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to the person by the use of swimming pools, playgrounds or any other equipment present in the rented accommodation.
The descriptions advertised by Anita Villas correspond to the state of the properties at the moment of the visit and of the acquisition and have been written in good faith. The agency refuses any responsibility for any changes made by the owner to the property without its knowledge.
Anita Villas shall not be held responsible in the event that the customer, who has correctly checked the website, may not find the property to be within his taste upon arrival, having the agency tried to provide detailed information and best description possible of the property. Anita Villas may not be held responsible if the customer has not carefully read the detailed description on the website.
In case of presence of people with disabilities or limited mobility Anita Villas would like to point out that some facilities, even if they have bedrooms and bathrooms suitable for disabled people, are country houses and therefore with all the limitations that may present and not necessarily without architectural barriers even inside.
Even in the case of presence of children, Anita Villas advise you to pay attention to the descriptions and photos of the properties and to request further details to the Anita Villas booking operators in order to ensure that the chosen property is suitable. Anita Villas shall not be held responsible if the customer has not correctly read the detailed description of the website or not contacted the booking operators for further information.

Anita Villas is the owner of all content on its website, including illustrations, photography, descriptions, audio, video, and text.
Users agree not to copy, download, modify, reproduce, display in public or use commercially any part of the website content.

Terms of use
By using the website the customer accepts these terms of use. The following additional terms are also applied:
- Privacy Policy
- How to Book information page
These terms of use may be subject to change, so please check these terms of use when booking and using this website.
It's possible to print off one copy, and may download extracts, of any page(s) from the website for personal use. For further use, please see our copyright notice.
The website Anita Villas is provided only for domestic and private use. The use of the website for any commercial or business purposes is not allowed and Anita Villas has no liability to any possible damage resulting from such use.
These terms and conditions and the information advertised on the website are valid subject to any drawing and printing errors.


General information

Rental period
Accommodations are usually rented from Saturday to Saturday for a minimum of seven days. Alternative start dates and rental periods are possible at some times of year by special arrangement.

Arrival and departure
Arrival time at the accommodation is set between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. of the afternoon of the first day of your stay, unless otherwise stated in the accommodation page and/or voucher. The customer must inform the owner of the property of his arrival time at least one hour before, as requested in the voucher.
Upon your arrival you will find the owner or the person in charge of the check-in who will show you the rules of the property and the operation of the lights and appliances, he will also give you all the information for a hassle free stay.
The accommodation must be left by 9.30 a.m. on the day of departure, unless otherwise stated in the voucher. Please inform the owner of the property as soon as possible if your arrival is delayed. These arrival and departure times ensure to thoroughly clean the property for the next guests.

Security deposit
Upon arrival at the property the customer will have to pay the security deposit as indicated in the accommodation page and/or booking procedure and/or voucher. This deposit will be returned to the customer at the time of departure, after checking the state of the property and after deduction for any damage caused and any additional costs not included in the rental price (for example heating, electricity, Wi-Fi), unless otherwise indicated.
The owner reserves the right to prevent entry to the customer who do not pay the security deposit.
If the customer should bring forward his departure, or if this should occur at a time different to that specified, the owner or his representative are authorized to return the security deposit by post or by bank transfer (having deducted consumption and possible damages) only after having checked the state of the property. In the event of dispute between the customer and the owner for any damage caused to the property or to its furnishings/fittings, during the stay, and where there is need to repair the damage, with consequent payment by invoice, the owner or his representative are authorized to return the security deposit by post, minus the amount of the invoice enclosing copy of the invoice to the client. Anita Villas refuses any liability in the event of dispute regarding the security deposit between the customer and the owner.

“Easy Rent” Insurance Policy
For those accommodations where it is expressly stated, the rental price includes the "Easy Rent" insurance policy in partnership with Europ Assistance Italia.
The "Easy Rent" policy is an insurance policy to cover any damage to the property accidentally caused by guests during their stay, up to a maximum coverage of € 3,000.00 and subject to limitations.
The "Easy Rent" insurance policy is an additional insurance coverage, offered by Anita Villas, which does not replace the payment of the security deposit due upon arrival at the property.
For some accommodations, the "Easy Rent" policy is not available (it cannot be activated).
For all contractual information, please view the general terms and conditions of insurance at the following link: TERMS EASY RENT

Number of guests and their identification
In the page of each accommodation is indicated the maximum number of people that the property can accommodate. This number (adults – children – babies) cannot be exceeded in any way and it must comply with what communicated by the customer at the time of booking (names, surnames and dates of birth of the people who will stay in the property).
Anita Villas must be previously informed of and must approve any substitution or increase in the number of guests, as well as if this is just for a visit or an event (Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding and so on) that may take place on the property during the stay, that must be communicated to the agency and accepted by the owner, who will be required to charge any extra fees.
In the event of changes of the number of people staying or in the arrangement of bedrooms upon arrival, the owner, who has not been previously informed by the agency and who has not agreed to any change, will not be required to fulfil them.
The owner has the right not to accept a number of guests exceeding what notified at the time of booking and in any case exceeding the maximum number of sleeps available. If the owner has power to please the customers, they will still have to pay the required extra fees. Upon arrival the owner will check the personal information of the guests which must correspond to those declared at the time of booking.
In the event that the above-mentioned conditions are not respected, the reservation will be considered canceled and the customer will not be entitled to any refund.

Services included/Paid services
Each accommodation offered by Anita Villas has some services included in the rental price and some paid services. In the page and/or booking procedure of each accommodation is listed what is included or not included in the rental price. Additional services such as mid-week cleaning and extra linen change must be booked prior to arrival.

Car parking
Accommodations are usually equipped with car parking. We ask you to check at the time of booking the type of parking available.

Access roads
Some properties are accessed via private roads, sometimes unpaved and unsuitable for sports cars. Anita Villas shall not be held responsible for any damage caused or resulting from the road conditions. The customer is therefore advised to check before booking if this issue can concern his vehicle.

Costs for heating, electricity, air conditioning (where specified)
These costs, which can be flat rates (fixed weekly or daily) or can be calculated based on consumption, according to the rates in force at the time of stay, are specified in the accommodation page and/or booking procedure and/or voucher and shall be paid to the owner on site.
It is not allowed to use or connect devices with high load voltage, such as (for example) electric bicycles and electric cars, unless previously agreed with the owner of the booked accommodation. The cost for recharging electric / hybrid cars is not included in the rental price and / or in the cost for electricity and must be agreed in advance directly with the owner of the booked accommodation and charged separately and according to consumption.

Most of the properties offered by Anita Villas has a swimming pool. Many pools are fenced and owners carry out pool maintenance almost every day. Some pools are not fenced. Anita Villas shall not accept any responsibility for guests using these pools. So customer are asked to familiarise with it at the start of the stay, in particular with its depth, entrance and exit points and always make sure children and non-swimmers are safe when using the pool. Swimming pools are not available in all seasons, but only in some periods of the year. Some pools are heated, for which an extra charge may be required. Usually pool opening period is from May to September. Any possible openings outside the indicated period must be agreed with the owner and will require the payment of an extra fee.

Internet access
Many accommodations have internet access. However in some properties the signal may not be optimal due to the location of the accommodation. In case of malfunctioning the owners will do everything possible in order to solve any inconvenience, but we want to specify that some connections could not be proper for works requiring the use or download of a big amount of megabytes and that the simultaneous connection of several devices at the same time can be the cause of general slowdowns of the line.
Anita Villas shall not be held responsible for loss or interruption of internet access. Some properties charge extra fees for these services.

Pets are welcome at many accommodations. Each accommodation page indicates whether pets are allowed or not. Pet presence and its size shall be notified at the time of booking.
It is possible to bring only one pet, with the agreement of the owner of the property and the confirmation of Anita Villas, unless otherwise agreed.
Pets must have full insurance to guard against damage to the property or third parties. Pets are not allowed in the pool or in the common areas of the facility (apartments). Please do not allow your pet to disturb local residents or children, muzzling your dog if necessary.
Pets and their behaviour is customer's responsibility. Pets must be in compliance with the vaccinations, they must not be left unattended, they are not allowed on furniture (beds and/or sofas) and pet waste must be collected.
The owner may forbid entrance to the property to those customers who will bring with them pets without previous notice at the moment of the reservation. Charge for extra cleaning may be required on site.

Accommodations are handed over clean and tidy and in good working order.
The owner of the accommodation undertakes to apply the directions provided in the guidelines and protocols for cleaning and disinfection of rooms issued by the national and local authorities for the prevention, management, contrast and control of the COVID-19 emergency in accommodation facilities. The enhanced cleaning standards provide for the implementation of processes and operations for the preparation, cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces and equipment of the accommodation, using approved disinfectants to use against COVID-19 and wearing personal protective equipment.
The customer is required to pay to the owner the amount due for the final cleaning of the accommodation as stated in the accommodation page and/or booking procedure and/or voucher, except for those accommodations in which the final cleaning is included in the rental price. This amount does not include the cleaning of the kitchen corner/kitchen/kitchenette and the garbage disposal, which is the customer's responsibility.
The weekly housecleaning does not include the cleaning of the kitchen. The kitchen shall be left in good hygienic conditions, tidy, as far as possible, and the fridge emptied. If for any reason, even concerning time, guests could not clean the kitchen and tools before their departure, the owner will have the right to ask for an extra fee for kitchen cleaning.
Moreover it's up to the customer to take care of the garbage disposal from the property, unless otherwise indicated, in particular before leaving the accommodation all waste must be stored in the appropriate containers. In the event guests do not comply with the garbage disposal, the owner will have the right to ask for an additional fee for this service.
The property shall be left in good hygienic conditions in all of its components and furnishings. If not the case, the customer shall pay the owner the cost necessary for the cleaning.

Pool and park maintenance
Pools and gardens enclosed to the property are subject to continuous maintenance that the owner or his delegate will carry out on the days and in the ways that will be communicated to the customers upon their arrival. All interventions will be carried out trying to bring the least inconvenience to the guests.
We ask you for kind cooperation in accepting the presence, as discreet as possible, of the same.

Exceptional maintenance and intervention
In the event of exceptional maintenance or intervention necessary for the good continuance of the holiday, customers may not in any circumstances prevent access of the owner or the manager of the facilities to the property or the accommodation. It is understood that the owner will always provide prior notice and ask for the presence of the guests. In case guests could not be present during the work execution, the owners or their representative can always enter the accommodation, if needed, to carry out any necessary repair service.

Tourist tax
Based on Art. 4 of the Legislative Decree no. 23 of 14th March 2011 all the Italian towns which are considered as tourist destinations can apply the tourist tax used to finance interventions in the tourism sector, including improving tourist facilities, maintenance, use and recovery of cultural and environmental heritage, and local public services.
This tax is applied to each overnight stay (cost per person/night), and the amount (a variable cost generally between € 0,50 and 3,00 € per person per night) are established by the individual municipality where the property is registered. Possible exemptions (children under 14, disabled people, etc.) might be applied.
This tax, if due to the municipality where the property is located, will be indicated in the accommodation page and/or booking procedure and/or voucher and shall be paid in cash to the owner on the day of arrival.

0-24 Months babies
Most of the accommodations is equipped with a baby cot and a baby high chair.
The agency kindly ask customers to communicate the request for a cot and/or for a high chair at the time of booking and in any case at least 30 days before the arrival. Children who fall into this category are infants under the age of 2.
Most of the accommodations offers the first cot and the first high chair free of charge. The request for additional cots or high chairs must be examined by the agency in agreement with the owner of the property and for it may be required to pay an extra fee.

Final tips
One of the great attractions of our accommodations is their location, in the countryside. This, of course, is also the natural habitat of many animals and insects. Anita Villas shall not be held responsible for the presence of animals and insects in the area, however we advise you to use a repellent and pay attention to organic waste that attracts insects. Moreover in summer animals can be attracted by any source of water. To help keep your accommodation free of insects and animals, don’t leave food out on tables and often empty the organic waste bin. Also use insect screens and keep doors and windows closed to prevent insects from entering.

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