The Marche region is one of the most beautiful in Italy: it includes everything from wild beaches to comfortable and well-equipped ones, passing through mountains and beautiful villages. If you love the sea, you cannot miss its shores during the summer months. Each stretch of beach is different: some are stony, and others have soft sand. It is up to you to choose the one that best satisfies your taste.

Today we want to recommend to you where to spend your seaside holiday in Le Marche. Are you ready to discover the most beautiful beaches of this region?


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The beaches of Le Marche: there is something for everyone

The Marche coastline is incredibly varied. In the province of Pesaro, in Fiorenzuola di Focara, and around Monte Conero, in Sirolo, Numana, and Portonovo, the beaches are wild.
Several of the most beautiful bays in the entire region can be found here, in some cases only accessible by sea. Backed by a green promontory that is covered with gorse during the summer season, these beaches will appeal to those who like quiet, isolated places. To reach them, it is necessary to walk steep paths through nature, but the beauty definitely repays the effort.
It is these two mountains that define the coast: on one side Gabicce, Pesaro, and on the other Fano and Senigallia, with Monte San Bartolo in between. Senigallia’s beach is characterized by its fine, golden sand. Its seafront promenade is very lively during the summer evenings thanks to the numerous restaurants and clubs in the area. Moving south, we find Monte Conero with its wild beaches. Passing these, one arrives at the more well-equipped Porto Sant’Elpidio, Porto San Giorgio, Cupra Marittima, Grottammare and San Benedetto del Tronto and their extensive coastlines. The beaches along this stretch of coast are large and equipped with every comfort. People looking for services and comfort will likewise find them in the Pesaro and Senigallia areas, two perfect locations for those traveling with children. They are safe, with shallow and gently sloping seabeds.

Fiorenzuola Beach

This beach in the province of Pesaro is similar to those in Monte Conero. Below Monte San Bartolo, the beach of Fiorenzuola di Focara is a long strip of sand at the foot of the mountain slope. To reach it, you will have to walk along a nature trail that leads from the town down to the sea. Here the sea is crystal clear and even the mountain seemingly cannot resist the temptation to take a dip in the blue.

Pesaro Beach

Pesaro’s beaches are wide and equipped with everything you may wish for: bars, fish restaurants, playgrounds, baby clubs, and animation. This is a paradise for those traveling with the family! If you are looking for comfort you will definitely find it here. The beaches are golden and of fine sand, with a gently sloping seabed.


Nicknamed the ‘velvet beach‘, the Senigallia beach offers everything you could want for your beach holiday: soft sand, many facilities, and a crystal clear sea. You will also find bars, restaurants, playgrounds and swimming pools… for the joy of adults and children!

Passetto Beach

In Ancona, a few meters from the centre, there is an unusual beach that is unknown to many but can satisfy the tastes of those looking for something different from the usual Adriatic beach. We are talking about Passetto Beach. You can reach it by taking a flight of steps from the center of Ancona down to the sea. At the bottom, you will find a small stretch of coastline with fishermen’s caves waiting for you.

Mezzavalle Beach

Let us say it straight away: reaching Mezzavalle beach requires a bit of effort. No special training, but a great desire to walk up a steep slope in the sun. Don’t worry though, the effort required will be fully rewarded by what you will find waiting for you: beautiful beaches, clear water, and plenty of peace and quiet. An alternative is to reach the beach by sea. The beach is located at the end of Portonovo Bay, in the province of Ancona, and has neither services nor establishments. Just rocks, sand and crystal clear sea.

La Vela Beach

Named after a very white rock sticking out of the sea (“la vela” means the sail), this beach is pebbed, and can be reached by a path along the mountain. On the beach you will find a few small indentations, created with logs and stones by bathers, where you can relax.

The Due Sorelle Beach

Among the most renowned beaches of Mount Conero, and of the entire region, is the wild bay of Due Sorelle. You can reach this bay by sea or by land, following the mountain trail. Named for the two large rocks emerging from the sea, the Due Sorelle (“two sisters”) beach is white and sandy. If you are looking forward to a day at the beach at the Due Sorelle, however, we advise you to go in the morning, because by 5 p.m. the sun will have already disappeared behind the mountain.

The Sassi Neri Beach

Its name derives from the dark rocks on the seabed. This beach is located right next to that of San Michele and is characterized by a rocky, unspoiled stretch. It can be reached through a path that climbs up the mountain and is especially recommended for those who like to enjoy the sea in complete freedom. Again, as in other locations on Monte Conero, the beach is in the shade during the afternoon. So if your intention is to get a tan, you should arrive early in the morning.

San Michele Beach

Another popular beach in Sirolo is San Michele. Although it is equipped with all the necessary amenities, we are sure it will also appeal to those seeking direct contact with nature, especially those who practice water sports such as surfing or kite surfing. You can easily reach this beach on foot from the center of Sirolo by following a path that descends through the forest. Surrounded by green Mediterranean scrub, the beach at the foot of the mountain is rocky, with pebbles and crystal-clear water.

Urbani Beach

With its white sand, Urbani beach is one of the most beautiful on the Conero. This beach welcomes you between a natural cave and the rocks, with the green landscape of the mountain behind. You can easily reach it from the town either by vehicle or on foot by descending a set of stairs leading directly to the beach from the car park above. It really is a hidden paradise!

Numana Beach

Numana is the star of the Conero. The beach at Numana Bassa can be reached by car or bicycle, while the beach behind the small port, right at the foot of Monte Conero, is more rugged. In this case, it will be necessary to walk a short way up the ‘Costarella‘, a stepped street once used by fishermen going down to the harbour. With its white pebbles and crystal clear sea, Numana is also known for the beauty of its village, which we recommend you visit.

Porto Recanati

The Porto Recanati beach also deserves an honourable mention among the most beautiful beaches on the Conero Riviera. Its history is ancient, but the beaches are truly a marvel. Here the white pebbles create, together with the blue sea, a panorama that will leave you enchanted. Its history is ancient, but the beaches are truly a marvel. Here the white pebbles create, together with the blue sea, a panorama that will leave you enchanted.

Riviera delle Palme: Cupra Marittima, Grottammare e San Benedetto del Tronto

A popular area for those seeking comfortable, equipped and easily accessible beaches is the Riviera delle Palme. This stretch, which goes from Cupra Marittima to San Benedetto del Tronto, and passes through Grottammare – also known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ – is called this way because of the presence of palm trees on the seafront. The beaches here are golden, perfect for holidays with children. The long beaches with shallow waters have also been awarded the Blue Flag several times.
The Riviera delle Palme is also very romantic, ideal for couples who like to spend a few hours in the evening strolling peacefully along the waterfront. There is also no shortage of opportunities for outdoor activities. In fact, in San Benedetto del Tronto starts the long ‘Ciclovia Adriatica‘ (Adriatic Cycle Route, a cycle path that runs along the entire Adriatic coastline and allows you to discover some beautiful locations in the region.


What are you waiting for? The beaches of Le Marche are waiting for you! Get ready to experience an unforgettable holiday.

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