Villas in Le Marche, beauty above all
Villas with swimming pool in Le Marche Italy
Referring to the historical roots of the country houses in the Marche region, often those, that today are called “villas” are the same structures traditionally inhabited during holiday periods, by the owners of the parcels of land cultivated by sharecroppers.

The villas, which are distinguished by their large size, are therefore, very suitable for example for a vacation with friends or perhaps to make holidays with families with children. Usually, the villa is surrounded by a large park and a swimming pool for private use where you can relax while sunbathing in the privacy of your own garden.

It’s also true that the Marche region is not only hills, but mountains and sea. The Adriatic coast offers beautiful sand, shingles and even rocks beaches.

Renting a villa near the beach in the Marche region is definitely an choice that allows you to enjoy a clear and beautiful water, some of the most beautiful villages in Italy, in which you can recognize traces of the past as a Maritime Republic and a hinterland full of culture and history.

The development of farmhouses in the Marche region, from peasants’ houses to farmhouses with apartments to be rented, for holidays, with family and children to discover nature and its inhabitants.

Holidays homes in the Marche region, from the Adriatic coast to the hills, with pool and apartments to rent for a relaxing holiday in the middle of the spectacle of nature.

Exclusive villas for rent in the Marche region, villas with private pool from the sea of the Adriatic coast to the hills of the Marche region for holiday with friends, holidays with families with children in the utmost comfort and privacy.