They extend for 173 km, including stretches of sand and gravel stretches. We are talking about the beaches of Le Marche, a unique and unmissable heritage, which is waiting to be explored and experienced in all its wonders. Are you wondering which are the most beautiful beaches of Le Marche? Let’s find out together and see the most beautiful attractions and places around.

Choosing Le Marche and its beautiful beaches for your holiday and you will be enchanted. We will also talk about the best sandy as well as pebbles beaches in the Marche region. Finally, we will reserve a space for places where your four-legged friends are always welcome.

The most beautiful beaches in the Marche: San Benedetto del Tronto

San Benedetto del Tronto is the most famous town in the south of the Marche region. Its beaches attract every year thousands of tourists from all over Italy and the world. That of San Benedetto del Tronto is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the Marche region. It boasts since several years the recognition of the Blue Flag with Star, and is considered as one of the best European seaside resorts.

San Benedetto del Tronto will welcome you with its enchanting promenade, where a long avenue shaded by palm trees (there are more than 8000, so that this stretch of coast has earned the nickname Riviera delle Palme) accompanies tourists in their walks.

The seafront of San Benedetto del Tronto extends for over 6 km. With its width of 30 meters, it offers plenty of space for pedestrians and cyclists. Parks, pinewoods and entertainment for all tastes decorate the sides.

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Grottammare: the charm of the small medieval town

Grottammare deserves to be mentioned among the most beautiful beaches of the Marche region, not only for its fine, golden sandy beach, similar to that of San Benedetto del Tronto, but also for the charm of the medieval town that extends on the hill, just above the coast.

The ancient village is considered one of the most beautiful and suggestive in Italy. In Grottammare it would be a shame not to dedicate some time to visiting the historic center, where beautiful artistic and architectural treasures tell the ancient history of this maritime colony.

The sea along the beach of Grottammare, which is also part of the Riviera delle Palme, is calm, limpid and extends from the coast with a shallow seabed, free of danger, therefore suitable for families with small children who want to treat themselves to a relaxing holiday in the Marche region.

Conero: nature and fun

Going up to the North, the coast of the Marche region is divided in two by the promontory of Conero, an enchanted place where nature still reigns supreme. These areas are the ideal destination for anyone who wants to regenerate with a vacation of peace and relaxation. Tranquility without renouncing to fun, thanks to the well-equipped towns that are just a few steps from the wildest beaches. One of these is Numana, the liveliest tourist center of the Conero.

Conero, le spiagge più belle delle Marche - AnitaVillas

Numana: the most beautiful beaches in the Marche region, free or equipped

Numana has the great advantage of combining the beauty of a seaside town, equipped with every kind of entertainment, with the wild nature of the Conero Park.

It is possible to choose to spend time on the equipped beach, close to the town, with the most typical establishments, clubs and restaurants, or to go, taking advantage of the convenient free shuttle service, to the small and hidden beaches of the park. The beaches in this part of the region range from pebbles to gravel and small pebbles, with a light color that makes the sea water even bluer.

Conero and the wild beaches of le Marche

Let’s spend two lines to mention the wildest beaches of the Marche region, where nature lovers can enjoy an unforgettable stay, enjoying an uncontaminated and limpid sea. These are small beaches, without establishments, reachable on foot or even by sea. Among the most characteristic we mention:

– Mezzavalle;

– Beach of the Two Sisters;

– Beach of Sassi Neri.

We recommend that you bring everything you need for your stay on the beach: water to drink, beach umbrella, towels and something to eat.

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The velvet beach of Senigallia 

This is exactly how the beach that separates the town of Senigallia from the sea is defined. It is a long stretch of beach, equipped with bathing establishments and all sorts of entertainment. Here the sand is as fine and silky as velvet.

The beach is deep, safe and gently slopes down to the sea, making it the ideal place to spend a relaxing vacation with small children. Senigallia is perhaps less known than other places along the coast, but the climate that you breathe is always full of cheerfulness, vacation desire and fun. Senigallia is welcoming, open to tourism and ready to offer events and attractions able to put everyone in agreement.

After a day spent basking on its beautiful beaches, it is a must to visit the Rotonda a Mare, a monument of the last century that has become a symbol of the city. Another destination not to be missed is the Rocca Roveresca, a majestic defensive structure that tells us centuries of the city’s history.

The beaches of Le Marche continue to amaze you, don’t they? Let’s continue our journey and go north.


spiagge delle Marche Senigallia

Fano and its sand and pebble beaches

Fano is a city rich in history, charm and culture. Its beaches deserve, without a doubt, to enter our ranking of the best beaches in the Marche region, but a vacation in this part of the region will be truly complete if you decide to devote some time to discover the wonders of the surroundings.

From the Roman ruins to the evidence of the Malatesta’s rule, with the massive Rocca Malatestiana, history buffs will certainly not be bored. It is also worth discovering its typical cuisine, the excellent wines produced by local wineries and the events organized throughout the summer.

The coast of Fano is divided between sandy coasts (Lido) and stony coasts (Sassonia). It is therefore possible to choose, according to personal tastes, on which beach to spend your time. Those who have children will prefer perhaps the most beautiful sandy beaches, where they can play and create beautiful sand castles, others can avoid getting dirty going to the very suggestive beaches of pebbles. What the beaches of Fano have in common is their coastline, with a calm and tranquil sea and a seabed that extends low for many tens of meters from the beach. Stretches of sea with establishments alternate with lovely free beaches. The proximity with the establishments, with the clubs and restaurants makes them very comfortable to attend.

Beaches of le Marche: Pesaro and the beaches of Ponente, Levante and the free beach

We are approaching the border of the region. The beaches of Le Marche in the northern area, in the province of Pesaro, are just as beautiful as those found in the nearby Emilia Romagna. What distinguishes this area, however, is the different approach to tourism. The province of Pesaro has always distinguished itself for having preferred quality tourism to mass tourism, offering a family-friendly welcome and services.

Thanks to the commitment to keep prices competitive and accessible to large families, tourism in the Marche is finding more and more admirers. Around the beautiful town of Pesaro, there are over 7 kilometers of fine sandy beaches, which are divided into:

– West Coast;

– Litorale di Levante.

Both areas are characterized by the presence of well organized establishments, complete with everything, with clubs, typical restaurants, pubs and breweries for young people. In addition to these great beaches there are, between Pesaro and Fano, more than 6 kilometers of free beach. Here you will have to bring everything you need for your day at the beach, it is true, but you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sea without spending anything. You will also have the chance to discover enchanting coves, small inlets and little frequented beaches where you can relax in total tranquility.

A small paradise: the natural park of San Bartolo

Remaining in the province of Pesaro, just outside the city, we find ourselves in an enchanting place, where nature is still the main protagonist. It is the natural park of Monte San Bartolo, which from the sea goes up along the slopes of the characteristic cliffs, venturing between paths and routes through the woods and the Mediterranean scrub.

Here the beaches are small, protected by the slopes of the hill, and allow you to breathe in all the enchantment of the uncontaminated sea.

In addition to enjoying the sun on the beaches of San Bartolo Park, you can enjoy sports and recreational activities, such as trekking, mountain biking, motorboat rides and visits to exhibitions and events that are organized throughout the year by the Park Authority.

Spiagge delle Marche San Bartolo

The best dog beaches in the Marche region

Why leave your four-legged friend at home? The Marche region is a very welcoming region for dogs and there are many equipped beaches where you can have fun with your pet. On the official website of the Marche region you can find all the beaches that allow free access to dogs, with useful references to contact the establishments and ask for information.

Among the most renowned beaches we find:

Free Beach in Grottammare: at the mouth of the Tesino river, there is a free delimited beach at the complete disposal of owners and their furry friends. Dogs have access to water, as well as the presence of showers and fountains to refresh themselves;

IslaMorada Dog Beach in Fano: this is a beach completely organized to welcome dogs and their masters; animals can bathe and will find bowls of fresh water and cold showers to enjoy this exciting experience with their masters;

Animalido in Fano: always in Fano, there is a well-equipped beach for both owners and their pets. Fun is guaranteed! You can swim in the sea with your 4-legged friend, find all sorts of comforts and treat yourself to an aperitif in one of the many places that let dogs in freely. An experience not to be missed.


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