Apartments and farmhouses with swimming pool in Le Marche Italy
Agriturismo in Le Marche region, comfort rediscover the past

The key to understanding how it is that the Marche countryside is dotted with farmhouses with breath taking views of the hills “combed” of wheat, barley, olive groves and vineyards, is sharecropping.

This form of social and agrarian structure has meant that the settlers of the Marche region (and neighboring regions) have for centuries, taken care of countryside and earth to make them as a tidy mosaic of crops. To the settlers a more or less big plot of land was given, which to be tilled, had to be closely and constantly monitored. The fruits of the hearth were used for the sustenance of the peasants family, master’s one, and to be sold at the markets of the villages.

The cottages are probably the type of tourist accommodation that has kept so, this stronger tie with the past of farmhouses, restored and arranged with beautiful and comfortable furnishings, with technology as wi-fi connection and all the amenities to live mid in the countryside but with all the comfort. Even today in the farmhouses in the Marche region, you can usually find wine, olive oil production and / or breeding of livestock.

Since they have access to genuine products (in some cases even biological) and from their own production, often the farmhouses owners have in their structures small restaurants where it’s possible eat local products at zero kilometre: it means ” harvested and eaten “!

Going on holidays on the farm can be relaxing as well as very entertaining and informative. Making holiday with family and especially with children in a farmhouse is a perfect way to create an environment able to let them know nature and its inhabitants. The presence of animals, plants and the countryside that surrounds the accommodation is not only able to get us away from the frenetic pace but also to add a rustic touch to our holiday. In any case, in all the farmhouses shown in our portal there is a swimming pool to cool off in the hot summer days as well as play in the water.